Burkebro is optimistic about the future as they are committed to making the industry safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is going to be one of the greatest challenges of the future and we as an industry need to be committed with the initiative to build in a more cost effective and environmentally coconscious manner. Evan & Tim Burke


Steel is a supreme building material and is fundamental to a fully circular economy. Up to 75-80% of all made steel is recycled, a number which is growing annually. In comparison, the recycling rates of steel are higher now than then the expected rate of plastic to be recycled twenty years from now.

Electric arc blast furnaces and steel production methods have become more efficient, yielding a higher output with a lower carbon footprint. New types of steel are continually being developed, producing stronger, lighter materials. These innovations allow steel to be used in more industries, while requiring less material.

Steel today can be made 4-5 times stronger (up to 2000 mega pascals) than thirty years ago. Digitization of the building industry is offering new innovative designs with much longer life spans of structures/buildings - designs that can be repurposed with ease or built off instead of being torn down.

New manufacturing technologies and construction process techniques are taking shape at a rapid pace. Additive manufacturing and new building software allow construction to be moved into a controlled shop environment. This can be seen in the modular building industry. This has the ability to make living more affordable to more people than ever before, with very little waste.

Burkebro is committed to investing in these technologies that will be the solution to modern building challenges. Evan & Tim Burke
Burkebro has developed welding procedures that yield 4X HIGHER deposition rates of conventional methods.

This is due to the metallurgical advancements in welding engineering technology. They continue to work in-house to further their welding efficiency efforts. Burkebro utilizes digital software and as-built technology to prefabricate steel components in a controlled environment before releasing to the field. Hundreds of man hours are being be saved on the construction site using this technique, while yielding a lower carbon footprint.


We as a company have adopted an attitude of minimal waste mentality. We strive in every corner of construction to be mindful of the amount of waste we emanate. This mentality is embraced by the entire company. We invest in high efficiency equipment that lowers our carbon footprint in every corner of the business.

Our people are our biggest asset and with a diversified workforce, this brings with it the skills and the forward thinking that allow us to be competitive in the market. Our people are the backbone of our business. Evan & Tim Burke

How we produce energy today will not support the energy demands of the future. We are looking forward to the future of fabrication technology as the robotic and additive manufacturing is coming online at a fast pace. This will continue to open doors for sustainability in the industry while allowing us to build a better future.


We found Burkebro to be efficient, organized and very safety orientated on our projects. From documentation to the workers actions on site, it is apparent that Burkebro embraces a safety culture.

Steve Martin

SouthlandCanada, H&S Manager

Burkebro is one of the most reliable and professional companies I ever had in my projects. They always exceed our expectations and are always looking on ways to assist us and the client. They are one of my first calls to any project. I strongly recommend Burkebro.

Adrian Maciel

Graham, Project Director

I have known the Burke brothers for almost 10 years. During that time, I have performed Welding Engineering functions for their company as well as other Quality related activities. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them, Not only are the brothers hardworking, but this translates down to the work ethic of their employees and is reflected in the quality of the product that leaves their shop. Their quality is second to none<.

Jamed Eden P. Eng

Welding Engineer